Top UI Design Trends To Expect In 2017


UI design trends usually come in a variety of styles and levels. However, the UI design trends in 2017 will be amazing and you can take a look at them below. A company already utilising these trends and ahead of the curve is Web Design Liverpool.
More Originality And Fewer Stock Images:
With more originality and a fewer stock image trend will help businesses present their content in a unique and diverse way. This will also help to attract new customers due to the authenticity of how a business operates. In time past, UI patterns and WordPress themes when used on a website do not often make any difference to prospective visitors. This trend will help businesses in 2017 to stand out of the crowd.

Upgrade To Animation:
In time past, businesses, companies, and brands often make use static images. Currently, businesses are upgrading their website by using animated images to increase user experience and attract new customers. With the advances in jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and more programs, developers are now adopting animation images to make websites highly functional.

Grid And Card UIs:
Card-oriented UIs remain one of the great trends in the world of web design gaining more popularity. Cards are useful when talking about responsive website design on desktop, tablet, and mobile. With this trend emerging in 2017, you will discover how simple people can begin to view a website and content.

Responsive Design Usage Increase Rate:
Responsive website design is not a new concept. However, it is eminent that this trend will be used by both big and small businesses in 2017 to become more relevant. With responsive design, it is possible to create a website that delivers on several platforms. One amazing thing about responsive design is that it remains cost-effective.

UI Patterns And Frameworks:
Responsive design has helped to create a new beginning to how a website operates and look today. The inability to control how pre-designed WordPress themes work has led to several websites have a similar feel and look. With the use of UX and UI patterns will help to bring consistent and unified user experience across all platforms. The future of web design is cascaded on similar frameworks to help both small and big businesses.

Usage Of Bold Colours Throughout Your Website:
In time past, many websites have exhibited over-saturated rich colours with mesmerising gradients and vibrant hues. This is because basically possible through the advances in screen technologies. In 2017, bold colours will be widely used in websites to make brands, products and businesses look highly beautiful and attractive.

Parallax Scrolling:
Parallax scrolling is a great trend that will rock the web design world in 2017. It will help you to move and display content creatively from one place to another. Parallax scrolling is good for moving images, text, and video to make a website highly functional.

Using More Videos:
Remember that web visitors are more convinced when they view videos than read a long list of text. Videos are not time-consuming and can send a quick message to viewers. This trend will also emerge as one of the best ways to upgrade your website. Using videos in websites will be rampant for the year 2017 to help businesses operate effectively.